Santoor Light Moisturizing Body Lotion

Hi there, 

               Today I am gonna review Santoor Light Moisturizing Body Lotion which I purchased along with Yardley Morning Dew Body Lotion (review here) . Though I had three body lotions to finish, still I cannot contain the urge to buy and try new products. So, this body lotion was bought totally out of greed 😉👿.


                                Price :  INR 215 (for 300 ml).

                                   Shelf life : 24 months.

My take on the product :  

Lotion comes in a white and green plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The look, color and graphics of the bottle look cooling to the eyes 😎. But pump stops working properly after half the lotion is used.

Lotion is white in colour and has gel like consistency. On application it feels watery  but does not give any oily feeling. Fragrance is powdery-floral-soap like. There is nothing much to say about fragrance.

I tried to use this lotion in spring. It did not moisturise at all. Skin starts feeling dry again after 30 minutes of application. Ingredient list is full of chemicals. Sandalwood extract and aloe extract are at the bottom of ingredients. It shows how little amount of these ingredients has been used in the lotion.

It doesn’t get absorbed into the skin at all. Just sits on the skin and forms a film. If I wash hand with water even after hours of application, it is still there and gives a slimy feeling.

Pros : 

  1. Cool packaging.
  2. Pocket friendly.
  3. Non sweaty.
  4. Non oily.

Cons : 

  1. Not moisturizing at all. Not suitable for winters and for dry skinned people.
  2. Does not get absorbed.
  3. Pump stops working after half the bottle is finished.
  4. Full of chemicals. Very little amount of natural extracts is used.

Overall verdict : 

3/10. This is the worst lotion I have used till date. Does not even fulfill the purpose of a lotion. Buy it only if you want to apply some fragrant chemicals on your skin.

A quick tip : 

 I am using this lotion as a shaving gel to shave my legs. And it is working amazinglyyyyy….. It is the cheapest shaving gel ever 😉😉.

Thanks for reading. Take care.


Macaroni Springs : Indian style

My culinary journey started when I was 10 years old. I was the eldest one among three siblings. Growing up in a middle class Indian family I soon came to realise, how important it is for our families to teach girls how to cook. In order to fit in well in ‘Sasuraal’ (in laws house) a girl must know how to prepare lip-smacking delights. In India, most men (and also women) think cooking is women’s department and in some middle class families men in kitchen are still frowned upon. I was lucky, when 13 years later I realised this is not the situation in all families. My husband loves cooking and in my ‘Sasuraal’ (in laws house) all men cook and not only cook, they cook mouth-watering delicacies. 

When I was growing up, my mother used to had severe migraine attacks. Men never entered the kitchen, so I had to start learning to cook at the age of 10. Though I hated it at that time, it was about to become a boon for me in later years. By the time I was 21, I was the best cook next to my mom in my whole family. After completing studies, when I was working in Delhi, it were only my culinary skills which made me able to feed myself and my roommate whenever our maid was away. 

First from Right hand side is me. When i was in college 👯👭

10 more years later, I am married and mommy to a 5 year old. Each day is a roller-coaster ride in kitchen. New demands everyday, new inventions everyday. Bittu, my 5 year old son does not eat daal, rice, roti everyday and I am always in search of new ways to cook his favorite foods in a healthy way. I cook even in my dreams. He loves Macaroni and Pasta. Instead of preparing regular Mac and cheese, I wanted to cook something different, more in line with our regular Indian food. So, came up with this recipe:

Ingredients : 

  • Macaroni Springs.                 150 gm
  • One diced Onion.                   Medium sized
  • One diced Tomato.                Medium sized
  • Olive oil.                                   2 tsp
  • Pasta sauce.                             2 tbsp
  • Salt.                                            2 tbsp
  • A pinch of Red chilli powder
  • Dried Oregano flakes

Preparation : 

Put water to boil. Add salt to it. Then add Macaroni Springs. Let it boil. After Macaroni is cooked, drain water, but leave a little pasta water in it. Don’t drain completely.

Add Olive oil to a frying pan and sauté onion. Then add tomatoes, red chilli powder and pasta sauce. Add 2-3 tbsp of pasta water. Cook it while stirring. Once it reaches the desired consistency, add boiled Macaroni Springs. Mix well and cook on low heat for 3 minutes. Garnish with oregano and serve.

Thanks for reading 😍😘🍝


Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily moisturising crème review 

Hello everyone, 

                           Today I am going to review Lotus herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily moisturising crème. This review was due for a long time. But finally…….. This product was not actually a purchase. I got it in exchange for a fake MAC lipstick which I bought in my ignorance. As soon as I came to know of the lipstick being a fake product I returned that and took this in exchange. Let’s see how it fared for me.

Lotus Herbals Nutramoist skin renewal daily moisturising crème

                               Price : INR 395 (for 50g).

                                   Shelf life :  3 years.

My take on the product : 

Cream comes in a heavy glass jar with a metal screw cap. Packaging looks nice but not travel friendly. There is an additional plastic lid underneath the cap to stop cream from spilling into the cap during traveling. 

Cream is pinkish white in colour. Has gel like consistency. Spreads easily. Has nice floral-fruity fragrance. To me, it smells like Mogra flowers. I liked the fragrance very much. 

Moisturises very well. My skin is not very dry. So, I apply it once and do not need reapplication until I wash my face next time. Plus it feels oily in summers. So, I use it only in winters. But a major con is it breaks me out if overused. Maybe I am allergic to some ingredient in this cream. 

Pros : 

  1. Pocket friendly.
  2. Nice fragrance.
  3. Doesn’t feel heavy and spreads easily.
  4. Easily absorbed.
  5. Moisturises very nicely.
  6. Contains SPF 25.

Cons : 

  1. Contains many chemicals.
  2. Breaks me out.
  3. Bulky packaging.

Final verdict : 

8/10. If you don’t have sensitive skin and it does not break you out, then it is a nice moisturiser.

Thanks for reading 😊😘